Dimex assembles customized electric power supplies for several (old) DC-cranes that are still controlled with contactors and resistors.

To illustrate what we can do for you specifically, we briefly tell the story of a DC-crane at Zeebrugge that got a new life thanks to Dimex.

Crane motor control

» Still a good and usable lifting infrastructure but a bad or even a defective power supply? This harbour crane got a new and profitable future by a switched power supply. As the old conventional transformer power supply was no longer operational, the crane was ready for full disassembly.

» The outdated power supply was switched in 5 stages via contactors and resistors. Therefore the crane was subject to electro technical wear so that a continuation of this situation would drastically shorten its lifetime, caused by shocks that come along with operating the levers. This entailed a substantial increase in cost per operation hour.

The construction and equipment of the crane were still in excellent condition and therefore we developed a custom made electronic hi-tech solution.

The original power supply was so outdated, working with it had become impossible, not mentioning there was no more solid and reliable power supply.

» The new power supply delivers, due to the high switching frequency, very high, continuous and thus shock free dynamical qualities. It was built with SKiiP modules, using the most recent and reliable power electronics.

» The power supply gives a unique result: an energy saving of 40% by disabling the resistors.

» Everything is mounted compactly and professionally in an IP 55 casing of Rittal. Furthermore, the power supply is built to meet the regulations of this specific installation.

» Also the control panel has been renewed and remodelled. Instead of the switching accelerator, simple joysticks were installed who can accelerate and brake continuously without bumping. This allows faster and more efficient loading and unloading. Every spin and other movement can be dosed variably which allows working very accurately and precisely.

» These smooth crane movements avoid extra mechanical wear and increase working comfort significantly.

» Another big advantage is the fact that you don’t have to keep an eye on the control panel anymore to adjust the levers. You can keep your eyes on the load, which increases control on load and the environment and safety in general.

Technical possibilities:

  • Engine power up to 100 kVA;
  • Voltages up to 500V DC;
  • Electric current up to 200A;
  • IGBT-transistor.